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Meet James and the HoneyCombCore Co.

Honeycomb Core Company's passion is to provide quality, innovative and superior engineered products. James Qiang, the owner, has built his business on family values as well as 16 years' experience in management at an U.S. Fortune 500 company.
Please email James at any time with thoughts at: [email protected]
In addition to manufacturing, he has real world experience in logistics in both eastern and western hemishperes, thus providing timely delivery worldwide at surprisingly low costs. Together with the administrative and sales team, Honeycomb Core Co. is ready to give you world-class service.

OUR FACILITIES: They're big! With 2000 square meters (21,500 sq. feet) of plastic making wonderland. Please take a look at the photos below, but note our employees are camera shy. Clockwise from top left: Factory floor, buffer area for semi-finished product, storage warehouse, ready-to-ship.

HoneycombCore Company China Factory

Statistics about us

2,000 m²
Factory size

Our 'CORE6' values

CORE6 Systems is our brand founded on the core values of strength, innovation and quality.

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    Our specialties build on the strength of the honeycomb design found in nature. The honey bees build a hexagon cell that is superior in strength for its weight, so we use that design to create core products that are lightweight and amazingly strong.

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    Forward thinking is a must for our engineers and designers, as well as all aspects of our business. We continue to push for better original designs to create and maintain an advantage in the industry. We are always exlporing new materials and processes to find better quality, greater strength and lower cost.

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    We are master craftsmen in plastics and our engineers have a wealth of experience in product research and development. Our factory employs precision machinery and dedicated, skilled manpower to provide manufacturing that is second to none.

Industry Standards

CORE6 harnesses the strength of the honeycomb design found in nature, and using this design to provide strength incomparable for its size and weight has thus allowed innovation in many areas. Our engineers and manufacturing technicians ensure this design meets the highest quality and as such registered and recognized by worldwide industry standards organizations.

OHIM Registered Design
No. 001599572-0001

OHIM, the official trade marks and designs registration office of the European Union. OHIM provides protection for Intellectual Property Rights throughout the European Union, which covers 27 countries and almost 500 million people.

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