CORE6 Systems ā€” Sustainable designs inspired by nature.

CORE6 Landscaping Systems include products designed to help landscapers, hardscapers, landscape architects, civil engineers, designers and the like to address a wide array of ground stabilization, porous paving, sustainable drainage, permeable pavement, water retention and erosion control issues.

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CORE6 Systems harness the strength of the honeycomb design found in nature and built by hardworking bees


Six CORE6 Sustainable Design Principles

COREgravelĀ® and COREgrass are porous across the entire surface, offering better drainage than concrete, asphalt and even other permeable paving.


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Low-impact materials

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a Stormwater BMP

CORE6 Porous Paving Solutions

Gravel Stabilizer Panels

Affordable, eco-friendly gravel paving. Prevents sinking, migrating, and forming ruts. Made from recycled or virgin PP, just fill panels with gravel. LEED and SUDS compliant, reducing runoff and mitigating urban heat-island effects.

A true 100% porous surface

No sinking or movement of gravel. Made from recyclable PP, it features a rigid honeycomb design and a geotextile backing for easy installation and drainage.

Affordable, hassle-free gravel paving

Top Benefits: Stabilizes gravel, environmentally friendly, beautiful, and cost-effective. Enhanced load bearing and low maintenance make it ideal for various applications.

The best choice for low-impact development

Super strong, SUDS compliant, ADA compliant, and prevents weed growth. Geotextile backing and COREmarker options add versatility and ease of use.

Turf Reinforcement Grids

ā€œYes, you can park on my grass.ā€

A green choice for low-impact paving

Yes, park and drive on grass with COREgrass Turf Stabilizer. It's eco-friendly, manages stormwater, reduces heat island effects, and supports all traffic. Benefits include enhanced load support, 2-way water drainage, and erosion control.

Max load support for fire lanes and parking lots

COREgrassā„¢ stabilizes parking areas, is ADA compliant, and aesthetically pleasing. Its honeycomb design offers superior strength and stability for sustainable drainage and grass protection.

No unsightly infrastructure is seen, just green grass

With easy installation and various applications, COREgrassā„¢ provides eco-friendly surfaces with natural beauty. Enjoy the benefits of porous paving without harming the grass.

More CORE6 Sytems:

COREmarkerā„¢ Line Marking

Simplify marking gravel for parking space lines or pathway edges, fitting snugly into COREgravelĀ® or COREgrassTM panels. It also offers a glow-in-the-dark option for nighttime visibility without power.

COREglowā„¢ Luminescent Products

Eco-friendly lighting that requires no electricity nor any power, save money and the environment, utilizing daylight or light sources to provide glow-in-the-dark pebbles, chips, markers, and edging solutions for landscaping.

COREwaterā„¢ Rain Tanks & Drainage Cells

Underground rainwater storage: no eyesore tanks, easy to install. A responsible, eco-friendly choice with a range of applications.


Ideal for use in hardscapes, landscapes or various other locations involving gravel or other aggregates to be utilized by pedestrians, cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Stablised Gravel Courtyard Walkway
Stablised Gravel Courtyard Walkway
Porous Paving Parking Lot
Porous Paving Parking Lot
Turf Reinforced Fire Lanes
Turf Reinforced Fire Lanes
No Ruts Grass Parking
No Ruts Grass Parking
Glowing Pebble Pathway Edging
Glowing Pebble Pathway Edging
Line Marking for Gravel Lots
Line Marking for Gravel Lots
RV, camper, motorhome or tent camping sites
RV, camper, motorhome or tent camping sites
Estate grounds
Estate grounds
Parking lots
Parking lots
Access roads, farm roads, oil fields
Access roads, farm roads, oil fields
Gardens and patios
Gardens and patios
Parks and playgrounds
Parks and playgrounds
Hiking & bicycle trails and paths
Hiking & bicycle trails and paths


CORE6 Systems are leading the way in sustainable landscaping solutions.

Our products are compatible with Sustainable (Urban) Drainage Solutions. CORE6ā„¢ Landscape Systems are porous surfaces. SUDS can be either porous or permeable. The important distinction and advantage between the two is: Porous surfacing is a surface that infiltrates water across the entire surface.

Stormwater BMP

These completely porous surfaces allows the rain to drain through, therefore reducing the need for stormwater manage- ment infrastructure..

Valuable cooling effect

Reduce and mitigate urban heat island effects with these low-impact development practices allowing more vegetation and less concrete and asphalt.

Reduce risks of flooding

Flooding risks are reduced with every square foot of porous surfaces, since parking spaces account for over half of all non-porous development.

Improve quality of groundwater

Through bio-filtration these porous paving surfaces are more efficient at removing NPS pollutants and improving the quality of runoff while maintaining infiltration.

Recycled Plastic

Made of recycled polypropylene plastic for sustainability as well as lower costs, our products can also be repurposed and recycled at the end of their life-cycle.

Sustainable Business

Helps businesses toā€œmeet the needs of the present world without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.ā€ā€“ UN General Assembly (1987)

Sustainable Homes

A key in reducing environmental impact with green building, by addressing efficient handling of water, as well as reducing pollution and environmental degradation.

Increase quantity of groundwater

The underlying stone reservoir temporarily stores surface runoff before infiltrating directly into the subsoil, reducing the exposure to the sun and heat, ensuring maximum infiltration.

LEED & SUDS compliant

Used in SUDS and LEED compliant porous paving BMPs for ideal draining and minimal environmental impact.

ADA compliant

Used in ADA disability compliant surfaces for pedestrians, bicycles, & wheelchair traffic.

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Sustainable pourous paving with COREgravel and COREgrass panels.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into the following questions to gain insights into the powerful features that AstroWind offers and how it can elevate your web development journey.

Is COREgravel environmentally friendly?

Yes! COREgravelā„¢ provides a porous paving solutions which returns water back to the environment where it belongs, instead of pooling or causing the flooding problems of traditional pavement installations. In addition CoreGRAVELā„¢ is recyclable virgin Polypropeline which is UV and heat resistant thusly not easily broken down so will not leak toxins into the environment.

Is COREgravel a porous paving solution?

Yes! Water runs through the gravel and geotextile membrane across the ENTIRE surface so this is a true porous paving product. Pervious surfaces can be either porous or permeable. The important distinction between the two is: Porous surfacing is a surface that infiltrates water across the entire surface. Permeable surfacing is formed of material that is itself impervious to water but, by virtue of voids formed through the surface, allows infiltration through the pattern of voids. -CIRIA (the construction industry research and information association)

Can I use CoreGRAVEL for an ADA-compliant surface?

Yes! Soft surfaces are difficult for people with mobility impairments to negotiate and therefore should be avoided. COREgravel allows a natural look, yet still able to be navigated by road bicycles, strollers, and wheelchairs not designed for outdoor terrain. The ADAAG states, materials stabilized and retained by permanent or temporary geotextiles (mesh), gridforms, or similar construction may perform satisfactorily for persons using wheelchairs and walking aids. Learn more: ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) - Ground & Floor Surfaces, US DOT Federal Highway Administration: Designing Sidewalks and Trails for Access & ADA Homepage

Does this product meet the requirements for SUDS?

Yes! Our products are compatible with Sustainable (Urban) Drainage Solutions. Core6™ Landsape Systems are porous surfaces. SUDS can be either porous or permeable. The important distinction and advantage between the two is:  Porous surfacing is a surface that infiltrates water across the entire surface. Learn more here:  UK Environment Agency: Sustainable Drainage Systems, Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA): Benefits of pervious surfaces

What are the temperature ranges for the product?

-45°C and +70°C

What about weeds, will they grow through the gravel?

No. The geotextile membrane material that is fused to the bottom of COREgravelā„¢ prevents weed growth.

What is the panel size of COREgravelā„¢?

We manufacture our COREgravel stabilizer panels in 2 sizes:

  • BIG – 31.5 x 47.2 inches (800 x 1200mm)
  • JUMBO – 47.2 x 94.5 inches (1200 x 2400mm)
  • Custom sizes are also available
  • What is the product made from?

    Virgin Polypropylene, which means this product is recyclable and will not leak any toxins into the environment.

    Is COREgravel or COREgrass easy to install?

    We have a unique interlocking system which makes installation of our sheets a 'snap'. Installation conditions vary and may require some engineering or other professional input, so we recommend our product be installed by professionals.

    What is the maximum slope for installation?

    Slopes are okay, but no more than 20Ā° for best results.

    Are COREgravel or COREgrass installations easy to maintain?

    Yes! While you do not have the rutting and aggregate migration of traditional gravel installations, you still need to occasionally rake the gravel. If you can see the CoreGRAVELā„¢ structure, you should rake gravel to completely cover the honeycomb, thus preventing damage.

    Can you drive cars on COREgravel or COREgrass, or is it just for walking?

    Yes! You can drive and park cars and trucks on the COREgravel product. Even without being filled it can withstand up to 40 tons of pressure. After being filled, COREgravel can withstand 100 tons of pressure. Our honeycomb CORE6 design offers superior strength.

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    How to Buy CORE6 Systems

    Find the closest distributor that has COREgravel, COREgrass and all the CORE6 systems.